Brest Stadium. The Uruguayan origins of the « goleador » Martín Satriano – Stade Brestois

Ligue 1 (26th day). Stade Brestois – FC Lorient, this Sunday (3 p.m.)

When we talk to him about his native country, his eyes sparkle and his smile lights up. “For me, Uruguay is everything! It’s hard to explain (laughs). It was difficult to leave, yes. I was barely 18 years old. But hey, when a club like Inter Milan knocks on the door, you go”. Before loaning him to Stade Brestois in January, the prestigious Italian club extended Martín Satriano until 2027, a sign that the three-time Champions League winner is counting on his striker.

Great lover of mate that he imports from Italy

Martin Satriano. 21 years old for a week, 1.87 m of muscles carved in the rock, a dark look that hides a real sweetness and a sharp sense of purpose, above all. For his first tenure in L1 two weeks ago against Troyes, he scored twice in less than thirty minutes. In Reims last Sunday, he was the only scorer from Brest after a high-class sequence. Her no-frills style is seductive when her tattoos bring a mysterious side to the character.

« I have a wolf, the phrase ‘never give up’ (never give up), the wedding date with my wife, others who represent his family and a sword in the back », details Satriano, who does not never separates from his maté, a traditional South American drink supposed to chase away fatigue and promote good humor. “When I was little, I saw my father with the mate thermometer and, growing up, I started to get into it, smiles the young Uruguayan. It’s hard to get it here (laughs). I buy all my packages in Italy and have them delivered”.

satriano joy
Martin Satriano’s first goal with Stade Brestois after a chest control and a recovery that passes between Gallon’s legs. (Jean-Michel Louarn)

Compared to Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Born in Montevideo in 2001, Satriano, four brothers, comes from « a humble family of workers », he says. “Martín is the son of Gerardo “el Bocha” Satriano, a former professional player of the 1980s, testifies Sofía Berardi, journalist for the Uruguayan media Ovación. Soon enough, he had caught the attention of European teams for his talent. He even went viral on social media for scoring at least five midfield goals in youth leagues, prompting British newspaper ‘The Sun’ to dare to compare him to Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

“At the Nacional, everyone saw that he could become the new “crack”, supports Juan Pablo Romero, also a journalist in Uruguay. It was a very difficult choice for the Nacional to sell him, but the club needed the money. Martín is a very complete player, continues Romero. I think he is typically Uruguayan, in the style of Cavani: a very committed player”. A watcher who has followed Satriano since childhood sues. “Martín is a family man, simple in the extreme with the objective of going as far as possible in football. He’s always been very calm outside, but he’s a leader on the pitch. When you talk to him, he looks like he’s 40, he’s so mature for his age. And it would be difficult for me not to think that he is the real replacement for Suárez and Cavani in selection. What you see now is just the tip of the iceberg…” The first Uruguayan to wear the Stade Brestois jersey, Satriano has already set the bar high.

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