Bressols. Football: we will have to convince

The adventure of AS Bressols in the Coupe de France came to an end this week, against neighbors Montauban FC. During a rather well-disputed match in front of a large crowd, one could expect it, the players from Bressol and Montalban recited their ranges to record a final result of 2 to 0 for Montauban. If the logic seems to have been respected, although the two formations had difficulty offering good football, the course in the Coupe de France therefore ends in the second round for the Bressols team, which had already had difficulty in win against Lafrancaise. As much against Lafrancaise as against Montauban, the duo of coaches Christophe Auger and Frédéric Chayeb seems to still have to carry out tests in order to find the right formula. « There is a lot of quality in the group, but we will have to manage to settle everything so that the players express a better collective potential », analyzed a manager at the end of the match.

If the Bressolaise team seems doomed to be relegated to regional division 3, pending a federal positioning in the coming days, the work in training continues. It’s hard to sum things up differently. A majority of players seem to have interesting individual technical qualities, but the cohesion of the group on the ground is still delicate. Collective conservation is lacking in a team that has been unable to unbalance the opposing defense even once. It is probably this offensive capacity that will have to be made more objective by further strengthening the impact in midfield. Tomorrow evening, AS Bressols will host the Entente Les 2 Ponts, in the Occitanie Cup, at 9 p.m. The Bressol players will probably redouble their efforts in the coming days, a mandatory step to tackle a championship that is approaching, the date of which is also set for September 17. And you will have to be ready.

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