Breakfast: DK Metcalf has probably the worst diet in the NFL

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– Bobby Wagner commits to the Rams

Podcast – Bears: surrounding Justin Fields

The strange diet of DK Metcalf

“I eat one meal a day. I drink coffee and eat three or four packets of sweets. DK Metcalf on Showtime Basketball.

Former NBA player Kevin Garnett, opposite him, was legitimately surprised… and a little disgusted.

Buccaneers: Todd Bowles keeps defense

Moved from the position of defensive coordinator to that of main coach following the surprise departure of Bruce Arians, Todd Bowles will not let his defense go.

In his introductory press conference, Bowles confirmed that he will continue to call plays on defense. Kacy Rodgers (defensive line) and Larry Foote (linebackers) will be the defensive co-coordinators. Bowles has hinted that he intends to phase them out after the upcoming season.

Bruce Arians already honored

He only coached the Buccaneers for three seasons, but he brought them a title. So the franchise is not going to waste any time. As soon as Bruce Arians left, the team’s official website announced that the coach would be added to the franchise’s Ring of Fame.


Falcons: Dean Marlowe (S)


Buccaneers: Ryan Griffin (QB)

Saints: Forrest Lamp (OG), Shy Tuttle (DL)

Steelers: Karl Joseph (S)

– The 49ers have activated an option extending the contract of Kyle Juszczyk (FB) until 2025. (NFL media)


Dante Fowler (DE, Cowboys) was ordered to pay $280,000 in damages in a civil lawsuit. He was charged with an assault dating from 2017. He punched a 55-year-old man in a parking lot, before stepping on his glasses and throwing his shopping bag into a lake. He had previously been criminally sentenced to 75 hours of community service and a $925 fine. (Dallas Morning News)

Terrell Owens (WR) comes out of retirement. But to play in the NFL. The former 49ers, Eagles or Cowboys receiver signed to play in the Fan Controlled League. According to Reuters, he will join Johnny Manziel at the Zappers. Owens is 48 years old.

Kevin Stefanski, the perfect coach for Deshaun Watson

By bringing to Cleveland Deshaun Watson (QB, Browns), Andrew Berry, the general manager of the franchise thinks he has found the perfect quarterback to stick with the qualities of his main coach. In any case, this is what he explained to Mary Kay Cabot for

“Kevin is very intelligent and very creative. He knows how to adapt. Over the past two years, he has done a very good job showing his flexibility in complicated situations, whether related to injuries or COVID. He also has a very clear vision which we believe aligns perfectly with Deshaun’s strengths as a player. We have great confidence in his ability to create an offense that maximizes the skills of our starting quarterback. »

Named coach of the year in 2020, Stefanski had a much more complicated second year. Yes Baker Mayfield (QB, Browns) is considered the main reason for a disappointing season, the Browns coach will no longer be able to hide behind his quarterback in the event of another year without a playoff.

Antonio Brown wants a contract before treating his ankle

Free of any contract since its remarkable release last January, Antonio Brown (WR) hasn’t given up on the NFL yet. Touched in an ankle, justifying according to him his refusal to return to the field, the former receiver of Tampa Bay does not wish for the moment to pass on the billiards to treat it. As he explained to TMZhe wants to get a contract first.

“I need to fix my ankle, but I want to make sure I have an obligation or a commitment with a team. It takes a lot for a guy to go in for surgery without knowing where or with whom he is going to work. »

If we can understand his position, it is difficult for a franchise to position itself on an injured player, who has shone more with his extra sports escapades than on the field in recent years.

Mike McCarthy does not intend to limit Micah Parsons

Among the satisfactions of the Cowboys 2021 season, Micah Parsons (LB) signed a high-flying rookie season. Aligned in a hybrid role, the young linebacker stacked the sacks (13) and the forced fumbles (3). With the departure of Randy Gregory, Mike McCarthy was asked if he intended to use Parsons to replace him. On the official website of the franchise, the Dallas coach was reluctant to this idea.

“People say, ‘Hey, why don’t you play him as a defensive end?’ It’s a good question. But we have been very clear: we want to have it as a free electron”

Given its effectiveness in 2021, why would you want to change in 2022?

Jim Irsay is delighted to have Matt Ryan

After going down Carson Wentz (QB, Commanders)Jim Irsay gave his opinion on his new quarterback to the Indianapolis Star.

“I have a deep feeling that Matt is what this franchise was missing. I really feel like we have an opportunity, and he’s still quite young, to win the championship with him. We feel like we can. »

At almost 37 years old, Matt Ryan is offered an unexpected opportunity in a competitive franchise. In decline last year, as evidenced by his first season below 4,000 yards since 2010, the former Falcons will have to find a second wind to revive his career and prove to the Colts that they have not once more deceived quarterback.

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