Brady’s first magical period

Thomas Siniecki, Media365, published on Saturday December 26, 2020 at 10:07 p.m.

All is well for Tom Brady, thank you for him … At 43 years old, the legendary quarterback carries his new team of Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the playoffs, and with the manner. His form is exceptional, as he demonstrated on Saturday.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will see the playoffs for the first time since 2007, following their victory in Detroit (7-47). Proof of the impact of Tom Brady, whose departure from the New England Patriots at the beginning of the year had the effect of the transfer of the century to the NFL. The historic quarterback with six Super Bowls, at 43, still feasted in great widths on Saturday with an exceptional first period, concluded at 31-0: four touchdown passes in these only first 30 minutes, for a total of 348 yards and 22 completed passes on 27 attempts (including 5/7 on trials over 20 yards, for a total of 162 yards and two touchdowns).

Since 1991 and the start of the study of these statistics, this is only the second time that a player has compiled at least 340 yards and four pass touchdowns, without being intercepted, in a single period (whether he is act of the first or the second). The only one to have already accomplished this performance is none other than … Tom Brady, during a 59-0 in 2009 with the Patriots against the Titans (it was already in the first period). This time, the height of humiliation for the Detroit Lions, Tom Brady remained on the bench for the resumption … By posting a total of 36 touchdowns to the pass, Tom Brady also improves the franchise record over a season regular, which was last year for former No. 1 draft Jameis Winston (33).

It was also the 298th start of his career (300th game in the regular season), which allows him to join Brett Favre as No. 1 in this historic ranking – he will overtake him next week. Finally, it is the fifth time that Tom Brady has finished a season with at least 35 touchdowns on the pass, which allows him to equal Aaron Rodgers’ record. Before beating him next year (and after conquering the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay, venue of the grand finale)?

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