Brady and Tampa Bay win opener against Dallas

Romain Fiore, Media365, published on Friday, September 10, 2021 at 2:10 p.m.

For the opening game of the NFL’s longest season, the defending champion Tampa Bay hosted the Dallas Cowboys of Dak Prescott on Thursday. In a match played until the last minute, Tom Brady and his Florida team won on the wire (31-29).

American football and the NFL are finally back after an eight-month hiatus. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who triumphed at home on February 7 against the Kansas City Chiefs, started the first game of the season in a full stadium and with a victory in extremis against the valiant Cowboys. The reunion match. Tom Brady and his teammates returned for the first time to their stadium, packed, and their fans excited since their title won in their enclosure. In the opposite camp, Dak Prescott, the Dallas quarterback, was back on the field for the first time since his injury last season which will have kept him away from the field for eleven months. And if the Buccaneers quickly opened the scoring on a Chris Godwin touchdown launched by the immortal Brady, Prescott proved that he was perfectly back in good shape by responding to his rival with a touchdown pass also in stride ( 7-7, 1st QT). The Floridians then took the advantage, before half-time, thanks to the inevitable Rob Gronkowski (90 yards, 2 TD), imitated in stride by Antonio Brown (21-16 at halftime).

The Cowboys close to the feat

Even led at halftime, the Dallas players impressed and stood up to the defending champions, who did not lose a single member of the 22 holders of the last Superbowl. Everything but a detail, especially since the Cowboys armada allowed them to regain a comfortable lead, once again thanks to Gronkowski (28-19). In shape for his return, Prescott (42/58, 403 yards, 3 TD) did everything possible to lead his team to victory 1 minute 24 seconds from the end (28-29). Against Brady, it was not enough. The 44-year-old legend with the 7 rings of champion recalled that he was a monster of cold blood by making the perfect passes (32/50, 379 yards, 4 TD) at the origin of the field goals scored by his family, and synonymous with victory over the gong (31-29).

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