Brady and Tampa Bay make history!

Clément Pédron, Media365, published on Monday February 08, 2021 at 5:47 am

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers corrected the Kansas City Chiefs (31-9) to win Super Bowl LV last night. Thanks to an iron defense and a fire attack, the Brady gang won the 2nd Vince Lombardi Trophy in their history.

Incredible, impossible, historic, words fail to describe the performance of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Super Bowl LV winners against the Kansas City Chiefs (31-9), last night. If the physiognomy of the match left little room for suspense with a big quarter-time to the end, this second coronation after 2002 for the Florida franchise, resonates like that of renewal. All the planets seemed aligned in the sky of Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay where, even before the result of the game, the Buccaneers had already achieved the feat of joining the Super Bowl, played this year in its stadium. And even if this edition did not completely resemble the others because of the Covid-19 pandemic (around 22,000 people were only authorized), it will have had the merit of adding some symbolic touches, a story that we do not do not forget it anytime soon. Last summer, when the NFL world learned that Tom Brady (43), a figure from the New England Patriots dynasty where he won six champion rings, was leaving home to join Tampa Bay, each one of them. is triturated the mind. Some saw him in retirement, others at the end of his career when his critics saw a financial opportunity. They all forgot that the quarterback was just hungry for the game and this Super Bowl won last night proves him entirely right. Now he owns more titles than any franchise in the League.

A one-sided match

Despite a slump in the regular season, the Buccaneers have always admitted to being in their split times for the playoffs and the Super Bowl. And when they saw the identity of the opponent and a certain Patrick Mahomes (25) at its head, they all saw themselves there. The quarterback, defending champion with the Chiefs and very great future of the discipline, facing the undisputed legend. The first was 6 when Brady was already lifting his first Vince Lombardi Trophy. And from what we have seen, the pupil is still far from surpassing the teacher. But it would be cowardly to point out the young player as the culprit of this slap received because the Chiefs’ start to the game was rather good. They are even the ones who opened the scoring on a field goal (kick). Except that opposite, the Brady machine was quietly put in place, with the serenity that characterizes it. By slipping two touchdown passes for Rob Gronkowski, he recalled the good memories of the Patriots then he distilled another caviar for Brown then a new one in the direction of Fournette, untenable in the race. Opposite, Mahomes stuck out his tongue. Asphyxiated by an impeccable defense of the Buccaneers which he could hardly escape, the quarterback of the Chiefs multiplied the throws blindly until being intercepted twice. Two too many for a surgical Brady. Despite the big reputation of the Kansas City offense, Tampa Bay showed the muscles and pushed the fault of the Chiefs careless at times (more than eight penalties in the first half). Unable to score a touchdown (two teams have already achieved such a performance), Andy Reid’s men were sent back to their end-zone by the well-oiled formation of Bruce Arians. Patrick Mahomes will be able to ruminate as much as he wishes, his moment will come (again) but, today, even more, let Tom Brady make history again.

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