Braden Holtby, Martin Jones and James Neal are all redeemed

What already turns out to be a busy Tuesday has now seen three NHL veterans placed on waivers.

Braden Holtby, Martin Jones and James Neal see all the remaining years of their contracts bought back.

When Holtby is bought out, the Vancouver Canucks will face a cap of $ 1.9 million over the next two years, but save $ 3.8 million from the cap this year. Last year was his first with the Canucks where he posted a 7-11-3 record, an above average save percentage of .889 and -13 goals saved.

Jones, meanwhile, will be on the Sharks’ books for the next six years. San Jose will face caps of $ 1.66 million for each season. In the first year, they save $ 3.83 million, the second year, $ 3.33 million, and the third year, $ 2.83 million. He signed a massive six-year, $ 5.75 million AAV contract in 2017, but struggled to meet it. Since signing the deal, he has recorded a 68-53-11 record, an above-average save percentage of 0.896 and -49.5 goals.

Finally, the takeover of Neal is not a surprise. The Oilers will face caps of $ 1.916 million for the next four seasons, but will save $ 3.83 million in years one and two of the buyout. During his short two-year stint in Edmonton, Neal scored 24 goals and 41 points in 84 games.

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