Brad Treliving was given permission to speak at the club


Yesterday, the Maple Leafs surprised many people by announcing that Kyle Dubas would not be returning as general manager of the organization. Following a rather bizarre sequence of events this week, Brendan Shanahan made the decision yesterday morning.

The time is therefore in search of a new CEO on the Toronto side. In the meantime, it’s Brandon Pridham who will take over, and with so many big decisions to come, let’s say he will have his work cut out for him.

However, Shanahan was clear yesterday: he is looking for an experienced general manager. We do not seem to want to return to a DG who will take his first steps in the shoes of the job.

Among the logical candidates at the experienced GM level is Brad Treliving, recently dismissed by the Calgary Flames. And according to what Eric Francis reports, the Maple Leafs got permission to chat with him about their vacancy.

The Penguins also got the same permission.

That said, there is a clarification to be made: Treliving has the right to chat with the two clubs on the condition that it does not discuss the draft and amateur scouting with the other clubs. After all, he spent the year in Calgary and the Flames don’t want the other two teams to have access to their entire strategy, which makes sense.

Thus, Treliving will be able to share his vision for the team and he will be able to talk about free agents and contracts, but by the end of the 2023 draft, he will not have the right to talk about the draft with the other teams.

I really wonder if a team could hire him as GM before the draft considering that he could not discuss the subject with the rest of the organization. If he is hired, he could only deal with negotiations with his own players for a few weeks.

Otherwise, Stan Bowman’s name is also linked to the club. After losing his job in Chicago in the wake of the scandal involving Kyle Beach, he could bounce back in Toronto.

Otherwise, Elliotte Friedman brought up Doug Armstrong’s name. It seems unlikely (he just signed an extension with the Blues), but you never know.

It will therefore be a file to follow, but there is clearly interest in Treliving’s services throughout the NHL. It only remains to be seen if a team will offer him his position as GM, and if so, we will have to see if it will be done before or after the draft.

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