Bournemouth validate their return to the Premier League

Bournemouth validated their rise from the Championship, second level of English football, to the Premier League by beating Nottingham Forest (1-0) on Tuesday. The Cherries return to the top flight two years after leaving it.

One day from the end of the season, the Cherries are guaranteed to finish in second position, behind Fulham, the first team to score their ticket to the Premier League. Bournemouth owes its rise to a victory at the very end of the match against Nottingham Forrest (1-0), third in the Championship, thanks to a goal from Roofe (83rd).

Nottingham Forest in the playoffs, a comeback in the Premier League 23 years later?

Just behind the Cherries, Nottingham Forest will therefore have to go through the four-team playoffs to find the Premier League, which the club, twice winner of the ancestor of the Champions League, has not known for 23 years. For its part, Bournemouth had been relegated in 2020 after the first four seasons of its history in the Premier League.

Huddersfield, who left English football’s top flight in 2019, will also play in the Accession Tournament. Sheffield and Luton currently occupy the other two places, but are within firing range of Middlesbrough and Millwall. The last day, scheduled for this weekend, will determine the final posters for these playoffs.

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