Boston gets rid of Tristan Thompson against 2 players!

Not really in the odor of sanctity on the Boston side, Tristan Thompson was traded in another franchise in the East against two players this Friday night … before being traded again in the wake. The first major move from Celtics that we expect to be active in the coming days.

UPDATE 12:39 am: Tristan Thompson is immediately re-traded from Atlanta to Sacramento against Delon Wright!

The last time he was talked about was for having cracked in an ole-ole party. This time around, Tristan Thompson is making headlines in basketball for his trade. After a short season in Boston for 54 games played and 7 points and 8 rebounds on average, the former Cavaliers pivot was dispatched by the Celtics eager to refresh their roster.

As often, it is Adrian Wojnarowski who revealed the news of the departure of « TT », in a Woj Bomb of which he has the secret:

Celtics send Tristan Thompson to Atlanta against Kris Dunn and 2023 Draft round, sources tell ESPN.

Bruno Fernando (and not Caboclo, editor’s note) will also be traded in Boston in the deal.

Less than an hour later, the Woj clarified that Atlanta immediately re-traded Thompson to Sacramento, against Delon Wright:

In summary, here is the final deal:

End of an adventure as short as it is contrasted for Tristan Thompson in Boston. Head to Sacramento for the big man, who will have lived an evening full of twists and turns!

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