Boston gets Derrick White | NBA

San Antonio used to never make trades during the season, let alone at the trade deadline. A habit that has been shaken this year, as the Spurs have been particularly active.

The Texans have thus multiplied the exchanges, thus putting their hands on several Draft choices.

Thus, they agreed to separate from Derrick White, one of the darlings of Gregg Popovich who had nevertheless been extended until 2025 by the Texas club, a little over a year ago. The back thus joins Boston in exchange for Josh Richardson, Romeo Langford and a « first round » of Draft 2022 (protected 1-4), as well as the possibility of making a « swap » (i.e. to exchange the « first round » respective Draft) in 2028.

Incorporated into the « trade exception » created during the « sign-and-trade » of Evan Fournier, Derrick White does not iron the Celtics above the « luxury tax », thanks to the departure of Romeo Langford.

Derrick WhitePercentageBounces
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