Boston dominates Milwaukee and consolidates its leading position in the East

It was the shock of this christmas day (and incidentally the remake of the last playoffs), since it pitted the two best teams in the league against each other and the two favorites for the title of MVP 2023.

In the end, it turned to the advantage of the Celtics who, in front of their public, made the bucks over time, and especially in the second half (139-118). All led by an excellent Jayson Tatum (41 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals), winner of his duel with Giannis Antetokounmpo (27 points, 9 rebounds).

With this defeat, admittedly conceded without Khris Middleton, Milwaukee loses for the third time in a row, while Boston remains at the top of the Eastern Conference and takes its second victory in a row.


Jayson Tatum’s message to Giannis Antetokounmpo. Considered the big favorite for the title of MVP 2023, just ahead of his Bucks counterpart, the Celtics winger did not miss the opportunity to drop an XXL performance and be the man of the evening, in a big event. you and history to mark the spirits of the voters. We will thus remember that he was first of those who helped Boston to take control in the first half. Above all, « Jay » is the one who allowed the C’s to make the difference after the break, thanks to his 20 points scored in the third quarter alone! Did you say boss?

Boston’s attack is fueled again. They had had a few complicated last outings, but the Celtics players now seem to have regained their offensive sensations. The proof is: these 139 points planted at the second most effective defense in the country. Without forgetting this nice 49% success rate at 3-pts, for 19 award-winning baskets, accompanied by 29 assists (and 12 lost balls), with also 54 points scored in the paint (at 40) and 22 points scored from a loss of bullet. So many statistics that confirm that the Bucks have experienced an ordeal in the face of the C’s offensives, masters of their game plan.


Jaylen Brown. Always more erased and in the shadows, given the performance of Jayson Tatum, the other All-Star of the Celtics is nonetheless a key element in the success of his team. Author of 29 points, almost without being noticed, he especially distinguished himself in the fourth quarter, where he planted 13 units (including 10 in a row), to prevent any attempt to come back from the Bucks. Tatum’s perfect lieutenant, Brown was once again present in a big game, while Derrick White, Grant Williams and Al Horford also shone in streaks on the Boston side.

The Lopez/Connaughton duo. Precious role players of the Bucks, Brook Lopez (16 points) and Pat Connaughton (15 points) were certainly the two least disappointing Milwaukee players. Dexterous (7/8 in shots and 1/2 to 3-pts for one, 5/9 in shots and 4/7 to 3-pts for the other), they knew how to make good use of the few ammunition left by Giannis Antetokounmpo or Jrue Holiday, on the offensive level. Also full of desire in defense, but ultimately helpless despite all their efforts, the pivot and the back thus delivered a full match, in a style all their own.

Giannis Antetokounmpo. A hair below his standards for the season, the « Greek Freak » missed today. Well contained by the Celtics defense, which tried to keep him away from the paint, he struggled to be effective in shooting (9/22, including 1/5 at 3-pts…), compensating as he could for his clumsiness by going on the line (8/12 in throws). All in all, then, it’s a mixed match from the double MVP, certainly full of courage but defeated. And, to make matters worse: he found himself on the wrong side of the photo, at the time of the huge to post of the evening signed Jayson Tatum, before the break…


Boston (24-10) : reception of Houston, on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday (01:30).

Milwaukee (22-11) : trip to Chicago, in the night from Wednesday to Thursday (02:00).

Boston / 139ShotsBounces
PlayersMinimumShots3 pointsLFODTpdpartyIntbpCT+/-PointsRating
J. Tatum3614/223/710/1007753310+184147
Mr. Smart302/40/02/212380110+15615
D. White304/62/32/303352110+201217
B. Griffin61/30/10/000001100-521
S. Hauser72/42/40/002210000+367
R.Williams III143/40/00/020203011+567
Mr. Brogdon173/71/42/202211020+796
P. Pritchard32/20/00/000010010+244
Milwaukee / 118ShotsBounces
PlayersMinimumShots3 pointsLFODTpdpartyIntbpCT+/-PointsRating
G. Antetokounmpo359/221/58/1218933030-272719
P. Connaughton305/94/71/204431100-61518
S. Mamukelashvili40/20/10/000000000-20-2
J Carter133/51/10/010131110-379
W. Matthews150/20/22/200032100-824
J. Ingles193/82/63/302202130-12116
Mr Beauchamp42/31/20/000000000-254

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