Borne maintains the suspense over the vote of confidence in the Assembly

ELisabeth Borne maintains the suspense on the vote of confidence in front of the new National Assembly which continues to organize itself in pain on Wednesday, with the distribution hotly contested by the oppositions of some key posts, before the election Thursday of the powerful president of the finance committee.

A decree published in the Official Journal announces the convening of Parliament in extraordinary session from July 5 and lists the texts on the menu, including purchasing power and health security.

Pressed by the rebels to ask for a vote of confidence after her declaration of general policy, the Prime Minister has not yet decided, knowing that a negative vote leads to the resignation of the government, in accordance with article 50 of the Constitution.

« I will make my decision after the consultations (with the various parliamentary groups) and I will make this choice known when the time comes, » the head of government told the press after a visit to the headquarters of Planning. family.

« It’s a subject that deserves thought, » she added, while according to an Elabe poll for BFMTV, nearly 3 out of 4 French people want this vote of confidence which is a use but not an obligation. .

All the Prime Ministers of the Fifth Republic complied with the exercise of the declaration of general policy, but four of them, including Edith Cresson and Michel Rocard, did not have it followed by a vote of confidence.

For her part, government spokesperson Olivia Grégoire confirmed, during a trip to Loire-Atlantique, the establishment of an emergency food check of 100 euros per household (+50 euros per child), within the framework of the purchasing power bill which should be presented on July 6 in the Council of Ministers. The measure would affect the poorest nine million.

« Hands Dirty »

Élisabeth Borne continues her consultations with the leaders of the parliamentary groups in the National Assembly by receiving successively at Matignon André Chassaigne (PCF), Mathilde Panot (LFI) then the leader of the RN deputies, Marine Le Pen, finally the « independents » Bertrand Pancher and Christophe Naegelen.

The leader of the Communist deputies promised, on leaving Matignon, that his troops were « adept at getting their hands dirty »: « bringing proposals, working on the texts submitted to us, voting what can go in the right direction and firmly oppose that which is regressive or insufficient ».

While waiting for her meeting with Ms. Borne, Marine Le Pen has set her course on France info: « We are going to work in the Assembly to win the next presidential election (of 2027), because what we want is to apply our project « .

Elisabeth Borne must formulate by the end of the week proposals « for a roadmap » and the composition of a new government scheduled for early July.

Taunted – including in the majority – for appearing too « technocratic » and not « political » enough, the Prime Minister intends to bounce back on the proposal to constitutionalize the right to abortion and went in the morning to the headquarters of Family Planning , fervent defender of the right to abortion.

« Tambouille »

The National Assembly, now chaired by Yaël Braun-Pivet, votes on Wednesday to elect its office.

The distribution of these key positions gives rise to a bitter battle and the meeting is likely to be long.

Six vice-presidents were elected after two hours of sitting: Valérie Rabault (PS), Caroline Fiat (LFI), Elodie Jacquier-Laforge (MoDem), Naïma Moutchou (Horizons), Sébastien Chenu (RN) and Hélène Laporte ( RN).

Three posts of quaestors and twelve of secretaries must still be allocated, in proportion to the weight of the groups in the hemicycle.

Just before the session, the left alliance Nupes broke a draft agreement which notably provided for two vice-presidencies at the RN and a post of quaestor at LR Eric Ciotti.

« Tambouille », « denial of democracy », « sordid tricks »: the deputies Nupes Paul Vannier, Mathilde Panot and Danièle Obono denounced an agreement which according to them would marginalize the left for the benefit in particular of the RN.

“It is the most complete disorganization”, noted Bertrand Pancher, president of the smallest group of the new Assembly, “Freedoms, independents, overseas, territories”.

The deputies can now be counted after joining one of the ten parliamentary groups formed on Tuesday evening.

Renaissance (ex-La République en Marche) has 172 deputies, four of whom are related, the MoDem 48, Horizons 30, of which two are related, the RN 89, of which one is related, LR 62, of which three are related, LFI 75, the PCF and its overseas allies 22, the PS 31, the ecologists 23 and the group « Freedoms, independents, overseas, territories » 16. Nine deputies are not registered.

The presidential majority can therefore count on 250 deputies, still far from the 289 of the absolute majority.

The election scheduled for Thursday of the Chairman of the Finance Committee, reserved for a member of the opposition, is also the subject of as much covetousness as speculation. It should be played between the deputy LFI Éric Coquerel, who counts on the votes of the whole of Nupes (in addition to the mélenchonistes, the PS, the PCF, EELV) and the deputy RN Jean-Philippe Tanguy, in search of allies to the right.

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