Boris Diaw responds to Draymond Green and Niko Jokic!

A few weeks ago, Draymond Green and Nikola Jokic each dropped a very big statement about Boris Diaw. The Frenchy obviously read their words and also answered them, via Eurosport. Difficult to do more class on his part!

With more than 1000 games in the NBA as well as a champion’s ring and a trophy for Best Progression of the Year, Boris Diaw has casually had a very good career on the courts across the Atlantic. Not necessarily flashy, except during his first years, the ex-French international distinguished himself by an irreproachable behavior and an ability to adapt to any system of play, particularly on the Spurs side.

Beautiful qualities, which still impress the stars of the orange ball today. During the Finals between the Warriors and the Celtics, Draymond Green had thus split a very big confession about the President. He had gone so far as to describe him as a model ! Very laudatory words which did not escape the person concerned. During an interview with Eurosport, Babac also replied to the Dubs player:

Leaving your mark has never been something I’ve been looking for. I never said to myself: ‘I want to be remembered for this or for that’. Or for the number of personal awards. But there for me, it’s really the best recognition. To have players of this caliber there, with in particular a player who wins the title of MVP or someone who is in the Finals with four rings, is a mark of recognition which is a pleasure.

Like Diaw on the second half of his NBA career, the 2017 DPOY is not distinguished by his athletic qualities, but rather by his basketball IQ far above the average. Placement on the field, the right action at the right time, defensive help when it’s needed most: the Habs inspired Dray to do like him, the mark of the greatest. Small details that often escape the eye of the layman, but which are nevertheless so important.

Diaw’s big compliment for Niko Jokic

However, as Diaw mentioned, it was not only the Dancing Bear who had praised him for his qualities on the ground. Nikola Jokic had made very similar comments about him earlier in the season, and those had been particularly nice for Babac. The former Les Bleus admitted that he had followed the reigning double MVP a lot before he even set foot in the big league, struck by his mentality:

I was able to read things about what he was able to say about his philosophy of play, about his desire to be at the service of others. I notably came across an interview with him when he was 16-17 years old and he explained that he was happy to make passes to his teammates when he had received an individual title despite the fact that he scored little. He already had that in mind at the time. He takes pleasure in pleasing his teammates. What interests him is winning and not putting himself forward.

Boris Diaw obviously appreciated the comments from Draymond Green and Nikola Jokic, aware that he has been recognized by two heavyweights of the current era. In the place of the president, we would have been just as enthusiastic!

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