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On the occasion of its sale « Les Grandes Marques du Monde at the Grand Palais », Bonhams will offer the highest bidders a spectacular RUF Porsche CTR2 which notably participated in the Pikes Peak Hillclimb International in 1997.

This RUF Porsche CTR2 Sport prototype is the first model of its kind assembled in the Pfaffenhausen workshops, and the 11th CTR2 chassis from the German trainer and manufacturer RUF.

Developed around the Porsche 911 (993) model, this RUF Porsche CTR2 followed in the footsteps of the famous RUF CTR “Yellowbird” from 1995, a vehicle capable of reaching a speed of 343 km / h which earned it to hold for two years the title of homologated car for the fastest road on the market.

Driven by a 3.6-liter flat-six unit of 520 hp and 685 Nm (before rapidly increasing to 580 hp), the RUF CTR2 would indeed dispossess its predecessor, offering itself the coveted title with a speed of 349 km / h .

But the chassis presented here is even more extreme than the “simple” RUF CTR2: two cars (including this one) were assembled in accordance with FIA regulations and those of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, in order to participate in the American event. , and this RUF CTR2 equipped with an impressive aerodynamic kit and a power of 711 hp was classified 2nd in the 1997 edition in the “Open” category.

Once withdrawn from the circuits, this chassis moved to Germany to undergo some modifications with a view to its homologation for road use (its power was notably lowered to « only » 600 hp).

The value of this non-standard vehicle is estimated between 1.3 and 1.6 million euros.

Photo credit: Bonhams

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