Bobby Rahal eager to start BMW LMDh program

Bobby Rahal, the boss of RLL (Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing), was obviously satisfied with this announcement because it allows him to enter the prototype category after more than a decade at the head of BMW’s GT programs in IMSA.

« It’s a very, very big day for RLL », said Bobby rahal at Sportscar365 in Petit Le Mans. « My interest has always been to race for overall wins. The prototype will be something else than what we’ve known so far. We’re going to be racing against Penske, Ganassi, Wayne Taylor and a few other really good ones. teams. It’s going to be a big challenge. The bigger the challenge, the more interesting it is. « 

The former winner of the Indianapolis 500 Miles (1986), who also competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans twice, immediately specifies: “When I say that, I don’t mean to belittle the GTLM program where there have been tough battles since 2008 when we started. Great races against Ferrari, Porsche, Corvette, and many others. Next year it will be the GTD Pro, another big challenge. We have had success in GTLM with twice Sebring, twice Daytona and more race wins. « 

No matter what category Team RLL Racing is in, the most important thing is to represent BMW with whom it has a long history. “This relationship really started in 2007 when I got on the plane to Munich and sat down with the folks at BMW Motorsport, introduced myself and said, ‘If there’s a opportunity, we would love to represent BMW. « It wasn’t the first time I had done so. I had been to BMW North America before telling them that we would like to run their racing program, but nothing had happened. really passed for a number of years and then the opportunity presented itself. We have been together since 2008/2009 and we are now approaching 15 years of collaboration. It is a beautiful journey. I think it is due in much to the relationship that has grown over the years, to the respect and admiration we have for each other. « 

BMW M Motorsport manager Mike Krack explained that the RLL team had already been incorporated into the development of the BMW M LMDh even before the official announcement. « We have been working together for some time », said Mike krack. “It’s not something we have to start now. The engineering team has already worked a bit before the date we could make it all official. Obviously the car is built in Italy. (at Dallara, editor’s note), so at first we’re going to be rolling it in Europe for the first few races, but very quickly we’re going to be rolling it in the United States. Bobby’s (Rahal) team will also be involved in building the car in Italy and in European testing. However, it doesn’t make sense to bring all the equipment here. RMG will begin development with the support of Team RLL Racing. When we bring the car here to the US, we’ll run it with Bobby Rahal’s team, first with the support of RMG because they know the car a bit better. « 

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