BMW M440i Cabriolet, assault of nobility

TEST – Canvas soft top and a vibrant 6-cylinder: the latest generation of the 4-Series convertible revives forgotten automotive pleasures.

Let’s face it: the hardtop has never made it possible to have very elegant silhouettes. It is therefore without regret that we see the return of the last convertible of the BMW 4 Series to the fabric headgear. It is not luxury: to the nobility of the textile is added a gain in weight and space. Thanks to its Z-folding technology based on flat arches, the soft top becomes more compact and lightens this equipment by 40%. When it comes time to pack your bags, you will not sulk your pleasure. The boot is now accessible by tilting the backrest of the rear seats. Compared to the previous generation, it accepts respectively 15 liters (385 l) or 80 l (385 l) of additional luggage depending on whether you are driving with a cowl or hair in the wind.

Fabian Kirchbauer

In the latter case, the windproof net attached to the rear seats deflects the vortices of air and prevents the two occupants of the front seats from raising their voices. It is part of a Comfort pack (+ € 1,900) including the steering wheel and heated seats as well as the neck heater to prolong driving in the fresh air even when the sun has set. If it’s too cold, you can recap in 18 seconds, even when driving up to 50 km / h.

Covers close to a sports car


In this configuration, the sound insulation having further improved, we can benefit greatly from the vocalizations of the 6-cylinder 374 hp. Associated with an 8-speed automatic gearbox as smooth as it is responsive, this delightful extension engine deserves its Motorsport particle. Its acceleration (0 to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds) and its pick-ups are close to a sports car. And thanks to the light hybridization based on an 11 hp alternator starter powered by a 48 volt battery, it avoids the most punitive penalty thresholds (177 g of CO2). The all-wheel drive adds a safety net to this convertible which borders on 2 tons, but the suspension would benefit from better filtering in sport mode.


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Technical sheet

Engine: 6 cyl. turbo inline, 2,998 cm3, 374 hp, 500 Nm

Transmission: Integral, auto. 8 reports

Dimensions: L. 4.76, l. 1.85, h. 1.38 m

Consumption: 7.8 l / 100 km

CO emissions2: 177 g / km

Speed: 250 km / h

Price: 74 900 €

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