BMW M is preparing a 100% electric sports car prototype

BMW is beginning its shift towards zero-emission mobility, with a first prototype of 100% electric sports car signed BMW M, and equipped with four-wheel drive.

BMW M has started the first road tests of a 100% electric sports vehicle prototypewhich will enable it to develop the engine, the chassis, as well as the hardware and software solutions for its future fully electric sports cars.

The prototype is equipped with a system to four wheel driveconsisting of four electric motors and an integrated traction control system, which offers a new level of performance and sportiness, hitherto unknown for BMW.

BMW M: to celebrate 50 years of the sports division

This year, BMW M celebrates 50 yearsand this is the first time that the sports division of the Bavarian manufacturer has begun its transition to 100% electric mobility.

The Bavarian firm also took advantage of this event to launch the BMW i4 M50 and BMW iX M60, while the BMW i7 M70, the first BMW M model based on a 100% electric high-end sedan, should arrive next year. next.

BMW M: a base BMW i4 M50

If by appearance, this prototype equipped with a colored camouflage is based on a BMW i4 M50, it hides an entirely new technical architecture. Its body has been modified, in particular to widen its wheel arches, making it possible to accommodate all-new front and rear axles.

The front of the vehicle has meanwhile benefited from the work initiated on the M3 and M4, to offer greater torsional rigidity in sporty driving situations, and we also find the cooling system there, allowing more performance.

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BMW M: a new generation of the xDrive system

But this prototype signed BMW M is equipped with an unprecedented all-wheel-drive systembaptized M xDrive and equipped with four independent electric motors. This configuration allows a more precise distribution of the torque on each of the wheels, allowing unprecedented performance.

Indeed, the four motorizations are connected to a control unit which is capable ofanalyze in real time driving conditions and driver wishes, using values ​​for accelerator pedal pressure, steering angle, longitudinal and lateral acceleration, wheel speed and other parameters. A braking energy recovery system makes it possible to reinject electricity into the high voltage battery, and thus optimize its autonomy.

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