BMW is preparing a hybrid M5

In 2023, BMW will launch a new generation of the 5 Series. And who says new 5 Series says new M5! One of the first prototypes of the Motorsport variant has just been surprised by our scoop hunter. And on it, we can read « Hybrid test vehicle ».

The future M5 will therefore be a hybrid, and more precisely a plug-in hybrid. Nothing surprising. Faced with increasingly stringent anti-pollution standards in Europe, with CO2 quotas to be respected, even sports cars must be electrified. A doubt remains, however, and not the least: will the hybrid be the only possible option or will there still be a 100% thermal variant alongside?

Scoop - BMW is preparing a hybrid M5

For the plug-in model, the technical sheet should be modeled on that of the XM, the big sports SUV which will be launched at the end of 2022. The concept of this machine has been announced with a V8 associated with an electric unit for a cumulative power of 750 hp and a torque of over 1000 Nm! We hope that the M5 will manage to accommodate the weight of the battery.

Scoop - BMW is preparing a hybrid M5

The presentation being distant, this M5 being expected for 2024, the camouflage remains thick. However, we can guess a few lines, with for example optics that stretch along the hood or a grille of reasonable size. What is curious whereas the M4 received giant beans. But the four tailpipes leave no doubt about the very sporty pedigree of this prototype.

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