BMW i Vision Circular, the crowning of the circular economy


NEW – At the Munich Motor Show, the propeller firm presents its vision of the electric city car of 2040. A car made from recycled materials.

Waste is over. To reduce its carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, BMW not only wants to rely on the generalization of electrified models but also to develop the circular economy, that is to say to promote the reuse of existing materials. rather than the creation of primary materials.

This is not only a question of economic sustainability but also a means of reducing its dependence on limited resources and of escaping the foreseeable rise in the price of raw materials. This is how the Bavarian firm aims to increase the share of recycled materials in the production of its vehicles to 50%, instead of 30% on average today.

Sylvain Reisser

The i Vision Circular concept presented at the Munich show is part of this approach, achieving a use of 100% recycled materials. Its bodywork therefore uses recycled aluminum and steel. The fully solid battery is also produced almost entirely from recycled materials.

The silhouette of this study goes off the beaten track with its monolithic allure. It is characterized by the absence of a front cover and the line of the cabin in continuity with the front. Its broken lines, its very flat sides and the new interpretation of the double bean grille are also dominant features of this style exercise. The grille extends over the entire width of the vehicle and incorporates the light signature. As for the very bulbous stern, it is clearly inspired by the iX, the electric crossover launched at the end of the year. All display surfaces and lighting functions are integrated invisibly into the dark glass tailgate.

Sylvain Reisser

The interior was also made from recycled elements. It borrows its codes from the world of contemporary furniture with its lounge chairs with integrated headrests. The upholstery of the seats is made from recycled plastic, as is the back of the shells. The steering wheel rim is 3D printed, from a biological material. The all-glass roof contributes to the light on board.

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