Blue Jays loss to Orioles: tension mounted

The playoff race could hardly be more intense than it is right now in the American League. Several teams are fighting for their place in the sun.

Several clubs can still aspire to win the Eastern and Central Divisions and can also aspire to qualify via the best second places.

The Toronto Blue Jays and Baltimore Orioles are in that race for a back door berth. And after winning twice on Monday, the Jays still had an appointment with their Maryland rivals last night in Baltimore.

But it didn’t go so well. Mitch White exploded in the third inning and the Toronto starter fumbled the game for his own (five earned runs in two and a third innings)…and Bo Bichette’s fourth homer in the series wasn’t enough this time .

But behind this 9-6 loss hides an important reality: there is tension between the Orioles and the Blue Jays. After all, we must now beware of the Orioles in 2022…

The fact that Jeff Nelson was behind the plate didn’t help. Let me explain.

Jeff Nelson, it was he who, at the start of the year, had refereed one of the worst games of the season between Toronto and Oakland. John Schneider, who was bench coach at the time, has not forgotten.

He also hasn’t forgotten when Kevin Gausman yesterday received a balk undeserved from Nelson.

John Schneider therefore told his guys that if something happened with Nelson, he was going to take matters into his own hands to avoid seeing one of his guys being expelled.

And in the seventh, when Nelson challenged the Toronto bench, he found his man in Schneider. The latter was also expelled a little later in the match for the second time since his appointment as interim manager of the club, but I will come back to this.

But the problems weren’t just with the referees. The Orioles and Jays also added fuel to the fire by looking for a bit and pitcher Bryan Baker (a former Jays, by the way) was in the heart of the action, let’s say.

The Orioles gunner looked for Teoscar Hernandez and he gave a huge look to the Blue Jays bench, who didn’t ask for more.

The manager doesn’t believe Baker tried to go after Teo personally, but clearly the manager is tired of the pitcher staring at them every time he pitches.

Baker is not welcome in Toronto, we will tell each other.

But he is not the only one to have spoken.

Several guys in the locker room after the game made it clear that their former teammate wasn’t exactly on their Christmas card list.

I wouldn’t make fun of guys who scored against me. -Jordan Romano

When you look in our dugout, it’s because you want problems or you want us to react. Does he think he’s a superhero? – Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

I imagine he’s upset that he saw me hit a home run against him yesterday. Every time he pitches against us, he wants to put on a show. -Teoscar Hernandez

The best thing this guy has done [quand il était à Toronto], is to win the March Madness pool. – Anonymous

It has the advantage of being clear.

And it was later, following ANOTHER poor decision by referee Nelson on a Yimi Garcia shot, that the Jays manager criticized and was sent off. He was furious.

But wait: I’m not done.

Late in the game, Alejandro Kirk clearly didn’t block home plate (he’s no longer allowed) and he retired an Orioles runner, but obviously he was deemed to have blocked the rush line. Adley Rutschman before arriving at home plate. The youngster eventually scored.

So yesterday the Jays were furious with everyone. They’ll have to put that aside to win the series in tonight’s game.

But at the same time, they’ll have to use some of yesterday’s fire to make their opponents pay – and I’m not talking about referees here.

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