Blue Jays ace Alek Manoah hits out at an MLB commentator who questioned his efforts.

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Alek Manoah has responded to a pundit who questioned his work ethic during an MLB Network segment.

Former MLB wide receiver and now analyst Anthony Recker questioned Alek Manoah’s work ethic during a television segment on the league’s flagship network.

“Alek Manoah, I love you, Alek, just show me that you are ready to spend a little more time in the gym and that you are going to be there consistently for a little longer. I still love you,” Recker said.

To suggest that Manoah doesn’t spend time in the gym is an attack on his training routine and therefore how much he cares about his status as one of the brightest young pitchers in the sport. It’s misplaced, and frankly not true.

Recker then picked Triston McKenzie as the best pitcher under 30 he would want at the top of his rotation. Manoah took to social media to blame Recker for his comment.

Blue Jays starter Alek Manoah goes after an MLB pundit.

Anthony Recker responded to Manoah saying « don’t let someone throw an out of context video at you and make you mad. You have an incredible talent and I would love to see you make the most of it. I hope to see you continue to improve and be awesome for a long time. I wish I had even a tiny fraction of the talent you have. »

Manoah didn’t fall for flattery, however. He remained on the offensive, and suggested that Recker is just like any other MLB analyst, and cowers when put on the spot:

“You are like everyone else. You like to talk and then you want to apologize when called. If you want to see how an All Star, a 1st team All-MLB, and a young CY finalist train,” said Manoah.

Manoah went 16-7 with a 2.24 ERA last season. He finished third in the AL Cy Young voting.

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