Blow of hammer for Kawhi Leonard?

Still not recovered from his knee injury, Kawhi Leonard does not yet know if he will be able to return to the series against the Suns. Chris Haynes came in to provide some clarification on the matter, and that’s not good news for the Clippers.

Often beaten in the last moments against the Suns in this conference final, the Clippers can naturally harbor regrets. As good as he is, Paul George has a lot of problems with his free throws, and in the playoffs, it’s not forgiving. At 1-3, now the Californian franchise no longer has the right to make mistakes.

Another defeat, and that will be the door for Tyronn Lue’s men. The ideal would be that Kawhi leonard either there, which could greatly facilitate the task in order to go up this gap. Unfortunately for them, the latest news is not encouraging at all.

While rumors of tensions have arisen between Kawhi and his franchise, we have to believe that it will not be available for the upcoming Game 5. Indeed, the Clippers must make the trip to Arizona, by plane. This means of transport is not good for the injured, so Leonard will surely not be there.

Kawhi Leonard is unlikely to travel with the Clippers for Game 5.

The elevation brought by a flight ride to Phoenix wouldn’t be good for his knee, according to Chris Haynes.

Like players who have recently had surgery, traveling by plane is prohibited, and in Kawhi’s case, strongly discouraged. He is therefore unlikely to be in the game, meaning his injury is still too severe to hope for a comeback. For the rest of the series, this promises to be very compromised.

And even in the event of a comeback, the former Spurs’ former is unlikely to be anywhere near his best. We must believe that only a long rest will allow The Klaw to regain his full potential: a huge blow for the Clippers.

Unless the situation turns around, Kawhi Leonard will not be there to help the Clippers in Game 5. A hard blow for his teammates, and a Paul George more than ever under pressure.

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