Bling Empire New York’s Dorothy Wang gives an update on her love life after entering the New York dating scene.

It’s been a while since fans were treated to new episodes of the hit reality TV show Bling Empire, but the wait is now over, as the cast have swapped the stunning beaches of Los Angeles for the concrete jungle in a new Netflix spin-off show. And even though fan-favorite Dorothy is changing time zones, she will continue to bring her share of drama to the screens after hitting the New York dating scene.

The reality TV star opened up about the ‘changes’ she faced moving to New York for the spin-off show.

She said: “There have been a lot of changes for me. I always knew that I would like to live in New York. Doing remedial work is much more difficult though. »

The self-proclaimed rich kid continues, “You take your car and do all your shopping in LA. When I moved to New York, my friends were like, ‘Dorothy, you’re a New Yorker now. There is no joy in physically doing your errands here’”.

Dorothy also commented that people in New York are much more « serious » than those she knows in Los Angeles.

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However, the Bling Empire OG has a different perspective when it comes to coming out in New York, describing their experience as « a lot of fun. »

She reflected, saying, “I think dating in New York is a lot of fun. For me, it’s a different group of people. I think New York guys are different from LA guys. »

Dorothy added to TV Insider, “It was fun meeting new people. For me dating isn’t always my number one priority but people love to watch. »

She admitted, “None of my dates were necessarily that bad, either on or off camera. But I’m not necessarily a great lover. I’ve tried to be more since I’ve been in New York. »

Being the daughter of multi-billionaire Roger Wang, Dorothy starred in another fan-favorite reality show, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, which first aired in 2014.

She said her appearance on the show has « haunted » her as viewers want to see her date men.

The 35-year-old said: « It’s been haunting me since Rich Kids of Beverly Hills because they want to see Dorothy on a date. »

She goes on to say, « There’s so much I can film, but people like to see people dating. They are obsessed with a love affair and can identify with it. »

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The businesswoman has been linked to a few famous men, like singer John Mayer in 2018 and fashion designer Sam Saddam in 2022.

The rumor that she was dating rapper French Montana in 2015 is more famous, but she was quick to deny the rumors.

She dismissed the accusations while attending the fourth season premiere of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, calling them « absolutely untrue. »

Dorothy set the record straight by revealing that she was actually dating an NBA basketball player named « Quincy » at the time.

In this season of Bling Empire: New York, Dorothy can be seen bonding with a man she meets on a girls’ trip to the Bahamas.

The mysterious man is said to be called Aristidis « Ari » Kourkoumelis, a senior adviser in the Office of Legal Affairs of the United States Department of Commerce.

However, Dorothy has yet to go public with a possible romance and seems to be enjoying the new way of dating in New York.

Bling Empire: New York is available to stream on Netflix now.

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