Blaye-les-Mines. The town celebrates sport

In September, we celebrated sport. The 2022 version of the sports festival took place on the first Sunday of September, on the Endrevié leisure area in Blaye-les-Mines, in the presence of the sports associations of the territory. Families and children came in large numbers on this occasion, to meet or discover the sports associations present. The bike ride of the 10 coasts of Ségala organized by the Vélo Club Blayais was able to take place after 2 years of interruption. Another hike bringing together a large group could also be organized from 9 am.

The 33 associations present on the site presented their workshops in the afternoon with supporting demonstrations. Great success for this traditional back-to-school sports day. The organizers thank all the associations, as well as all the volunteers of the OMSB of Blaye-les-Mines chaired by Benoît Barrau and Elisabeth Galan (Advisor Delegate for sports affairs).

The day ended with a friendship drink. The Mayor of Blaye-les-Mines, Jean-François Kowalik, congratulated the organizers and associations. The sports assistants of the towns of Carmaux and St Benoît de Carmaux, Vincent Recoules regional councilor, for their part, wanted to underline the excellent quality of this sports day. Appointment is already made for the 2023 sports festival.

Garage sales

The garage sale organized by the association La Pétanque Les Bruyères de Blaye-les-Mines, will take place on Sunday October 2 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Contact: 05 63 36 90 83 at the former school headquarters in Combeguise Blaye-les-Mines . Refreshment, fries, sandwiches. €2 per linear meter

Garage sales of the schools of the Croix Haute de Carmaux on Sunday October 2 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Restaurants and refreshments. Contact: 06 12 36 68 22. €3 per linear meter.

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