Blaise Matuidi to become ‘designated player’ at Inter Miami in MLS

While MLS has not yet made its conclusions in the investigation opened in early March on the signing of Blaise Matuidi at Inter Miami, the player will see his contractual status evolve this season. Released by Juventus and arrived free last summer, the world champion (34 years old, 84 caps) had signed up as a « TAM player » with the Florida franchise, until December 2021. In summary, his contract was subject to the very strict salary constraints imposed by the North American League, but its value was well below the current cap through the use of a cash allowance.

Matias Pellegrini on the start

From this season, for his second year in MLS, Matuidi will benefit from a “designated player” contract, like his partner Gonzalo Higuain, allocated to three members of the maximum workforce, whose remuneration may exceed the framework set by the league. The former Turinese will take the place of the Argentinian Matias Pellegrini who, according to The Athletic, should be sold soon to another club.

“We had anticipated that Blaise would be DP in 2021, confirmed Jorge Mas, one of the owners of the club also owned by David Beckham, this Friday in a press conference. Today we are working on our list (of players). When Mati signed, it was planned that he would then be integrated into the U22 initiative ”, created by MLS to encourage investment in young talent. But his excessively high salary prevents him from doing so today. Inter Miami has until April 16 to get in good standing.

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