Blaise Matuidi saw contract with Inter Miami put under investigation by MLS

Four months after his last play-off match against Nashville, Blaise Matuidi has not yet replayed an official match with Inter Miami (note: it will be effective from April 3). If he is not currently talking about him on the ground, the former Parisian is targeted by a case on the other side of the Atlantic, concerning his contract with the Florida franchise, revealed the Miami Herald media. Indeed, the MLS has launched an investigation to find out if the lease of the 2018 world champion was « in accordance with the salary budget and the directives« , set up by the League.

Indeed, two types of contracts can be offered for MLS players: Targeted Allocation Money (TAM), which imposes a salary cap (a salary cap) but which allows the player to benefit from allowances from the League for the salary, and the Designated Player (DP, designated player), reserved for three players from each team who may exceed the salary cap. However, Blaise Matuidi is registered as a TAM player but his emoluments would make him a designated player, hence the investigation launched by the MLS.


Why does the « Matuidi affair » shake the MLS?

03/09/2021 At 07:46 AM

Last season, three Inter Miami players enjoyed this status: Gonzalo Higuain, Rodolfo Pizarro and Matias Pellegrini. For its part, the Florida club was keen to position itself on this issue, through a press release. « The club acknowledges the Major League Soccer investigation and we look forward to fully participating in the league evaluation process. We will have no further comments until the end of the investigation.« , concluded the franchise.

« With Rabiot, Deschamps may have found Matuidi’s replacement »


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