Blaise Matuidi not registered by Inter Miami to play the new season –

A year and a half after his arrival in Miami, Blaise Matuidi (34) is pushed unceremoniously towards the exit by his club. Absent from the list of players qualified to play in the new MLS season, the Frenchman is nevertheless under contract until December with the club of his former teammate David Beckham. More

Matuidi, not registered by Inter Miami

Major League Soccer’s 2022 season will resume on February 26 without Blaise Matuidi. Yet under contract with Inter Miami until the last day of the calendar year, the 34-year-old midfielder was not registered by the Florida club on the list of players qualified to compete in the championship. Worse, any trace of the former Parisian, who said to himself recently “ready for 2022” on its networks, has even disappeared from the official website of the franchise owned by David Beckham, as noted The Parisian.

This time, this episode should mark the end of a relationship that has experienced several hitches. If he has so far played a lot with The Herons (48 games, 2 goals), the former soldier of Laurent Blanc at PSG and Didier Deschamps in the France team had already been at the heart of a possible return to Troyes a few days ago. Three months ago, his status as “designated player “(player for whom an MLS club has the possibility of not taking into account the financial constraints linked to the salary) was already questioned.

The player continues to train… before a breach of his contract?

This time, Inter Miami concretely showed the exit to the 2018 world champion. But, as indicated The Parisian, the midfielder continues to show up for collective training and seeks to resolve the situation with his leaders. While the transfer market will close on Monday January 31 in France, time is running out if Matuidi wants to return to his country.

Matuidi's future likely hinges on leaving Inter Miami (iconsport)
Matuidi’s future likely hinges on leaving Inter Miami (iconsport)

Otherwise, an early termination of his contract with the Miami club could also allow him to engage freely in another team. At 34 and after 48 games in the United States, the player with 84 caps could still be of great service.

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