Binotto to talk to Schumacher about his F1 future

Will Mick Schumacher still be in Formula 1 next season? This is one of the other question marks for this 2023 transfer window. The German, Haas driver since 2021, is not in a preferential position within the American team. Regularly beaten by his teammate (12-4 in favor of Magnussen in qualifying, 22-12 for the Dane in the championship), the son of the seven-time world champion did not really convince. Neither in Banbury nor in Maranello. According to our information, Mick Schumacher saw the end of the adventure with Ferrari, when he joined the bosom of the Scuderia four years ago.

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If the separation between the Italian firm and the German driver is not yet formalized, Schumacher’s place at Haas is therefore in danger. “Reserved” for a driver from the Ferrari family, the 2nd seat of the team American could escape him in 2023. According to Mattia Binotto, director of the Scuderia, discussions will be launched by the end of the season to talk about the future. « With Mike [Schumacher], as we said at the start of the season, it is important for him to improve this season. In a few races we will sit down with him, take stock of the season, and we will do that too with Haas to decide the best option for his future.explained the Italian engineer.

Mattia Binotto also recalled the importance of the Driver Academy at Ferrari. “We are investing a lot in it and we will continue to do so. The reason for this is that we believe it is important to develop top talent and look to the future to try and find the best talent for our team. » Today, the path leading to the Scuderia seems blocked by Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, two drivers very well settled in Maranello…

Schumacher at Haas: will stay, won’t stay?

Without Ferrari’s support, Mick Schumacher could lose his place on the grid in 2023. However, Haas is not giving up on his young driver. In an interview with AUTOhebdo at the beginning of September, Günther Steiner explained that the final choice of the 2nd driver for next season was solely up to the Banbury structure. “We always try to work together. For example, for us it was an advantage to have MickSteiner conceded. At the moment, it seems that no member of the Ferrari Driver Academy is ready for F1. They can’t impose someone on us. And besides, it doesn’t cross their minds. »

However, the director of the American team has not crossed out the name of Mick Schumacher on the list of contenders for the second Haas seat. “He is part of the group of candidates for the remaining Haas seat. We’re going to take our time, because we want to be sure we’re making the right decision. We want to know how talented Mick is before deciding. If we make our decision today and Mick comes out with five great weekends in the process, we would look smart…”

In addition to discussions with Haas and Ferrari, Mick Schumacher can still hope for the Alpine option, to support Esteban Ocon. A glimmer of hope which is dwindling day by day while the arrival of Pierre Gasly at Enstone is more and more likely.

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