Binotto refuses to « dramatize » the double abandonment of Ferrari

Things seem to be going from bad to worse for Scuderia Ferrari for several races, and when it’s not strategic mistakes or mistakes on the track, it’s reliability that’s involved. In Baku, the situation quickly took a catastrophic turn since carlos sainz was the victim of a hydraulic failure at the start of the event, before Charles Leclerc, who had taken over the controls of the GP, suffered a failure letting out a plume of white smoke behind his F1-75.

A very hard blow for the team which had dominated the start of the season but which now never stops chaining disappointments. Not enough to collapse Mattia Binotto, however: the director of the Scuderia wishes on the contrary to avoid overreactions and maintain the global dynamic which has allowed Maranello to replay the outposts this season.

« I think that first of all, we weren’t too excited at the start of the season, we’re not going to dramatize today either »he launched on Canal +. « It’s true that it’s really a shame what happened, I don’t understand why. We have to understand what the problems were, try to solve them as a team. I think we have to stay united, that’s why. is all we have to do. Pilots can also play a part in this, [pour] keep the mood, keep the good spirit. »

« As a team, we have done a great job to get here today, we will continue to work hard, and we will be even stronger in the future. It takes patience sometimes, there is a start of the season which was positive, currently it’s a little more difficult but it can change. There is above all the future, so we have to look to the future, always being positive, with the desire to do well , and it is with the desire to do well that we will be able to do even better as soon as we have the opportunity. »

Then, when asked by Sky, he added: « [La fiabilité] is definitely a concern, even before coming here to Baku, reliability is a key factor in the battle, as well as performance. »

Mattia Binotto in Baku

Mattia Binotto in Baku

As to whether all the problems were interrelated, and particularly with the concerns encountered by Ferrari customers Haas and Alfa Romeo, he explained: « I think we have to first understand and analyze what happened today because not all the issues are the same. I don’t know yet honestly, I think we have to take the time to analyze and understand and maybe these events are the same as the past, maybe not, I don’t have the answer yet. »

« I think some are clearly unrelated. Carlos had hydraulic problems which were not the same as in Barcelona, ​​maybe there will be a very quick solution. First, as usual, we have to keep our passions, analyze and try to understand. »

“We have to analyze these problems [de Zhou Guanyu et Kevin Magnussen]. I think Zhou’s is unrelated to our components, but it’s something to look into. All in all, whatever happens, it is always useful to know the reason why, because we provide the customer teams. It’s not about economics but more about technical feedback, so everything that’s going on is clearly helpful and we’ll take the time to analyze those elements as well as what we’re doing for the red cars. « 

In any case, the accounting situation is terrible since the Scuderia is now 80 units behind Red Bull among the manufacturers.

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