Bills – Dolphins (26-11): Buffalo all in control

Buffalo Bills (5-2) – Miami Dolphins (1-7): 26-11

Like every weekend for several weeks, the Dolphins believed in it for a moment. Unfortunately for them, their alarm clock has sounded far too late to hope for anything against all in control Bills. Josh Allen (29/42, 249 yards, 2 TD, 1 TD in the race) and his teammates were not impressive, but they validate the essential, a victory against a division rival.

If you like spectacular, attacking football, you needed a high dose of caffeine to stay awake to this game, especially in the first half. Nothing to eat during the first act, just a field goal on both sides and, as is customary in the NFL since the start of the season, a missed field goal (for the Dolphins).

The second half offered more spectacle, and it was the Bills who shot first, with Josh Allen finding Gabriel Davis alone in the endzone after escaping a facemask, then his number 1 catcher Stefon Diggs to take two possessions of advance.

The Dolphins still in their way

Tua Tagovailoa (21/39, 205 yards, 1 INT, 1 TD in the race) will have had him only one satisfactory drive of the whole evening, the one that allows Miami to stay alive, thanks to a conversion to two points. Once again, he could not count on his running game, too limited, and he once again threw an avoidable interception late in the game, while hope was still in place.

Opposite, Josh Allen was able to count on a Cole Beasley (10 rec, 110 yards) of gala in attack, and on a defense still as dominant, like Jordan Poyer (10 tackles, 1 defended pass, 1 interception) . After collecting the ball, he went on to finish the job himself, sealing an important victory in the Bills’ race to the Super Bowl.

This kind of game is important in a season. Buffalo has not been as dominant as it was in the first match between the two teams, but the main thing is to win the games where you are not as strong as you are used to. The Dolphins continue to sink into the depths of the league, and will have to rebound next week against the Texans takeable, under penalty of seeing an already long season turn into an endless nightmare.

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