Bikunu, down the marks!

In Le Cannet, Luc and Alexandra Dessauvages want to revolutionize tanning with bathing suits that filter UV rays. Launched at the start of the summer, Bikunu is off to a good start.

Summer, sun, sand, sea and… tan lines. Often stubborn and difficult to fade, they are the enemies of the uniform tan sought by the apprentice beach lizards. Luc and Alexandra Dessauvages know the problem well, since their many years spent organizing Polynesian canoe trips on the Cannes islands. « We spent 14 hours in the sun so we were inevitably confronted with tan lines », recalls Luc Dessauvages. After a few unsuccessful attempts, the couple came across Sunselect, a Swedish brand that offers a patented fabric that filters UV rays and allows you to tan through the jersey. « We are now the distributor for France and overseas. This material has the particularity of selecting UV rays and only allows those necessary for tanning to pass ». In detail, ranges from 310 to 330 nanometers for UVB and 400/440 nanometers for UVA, which allows the much desired pigmentation.

From the French Riviera to the whole world

Sensation of freshness, quick drying, non-transparent fabric, the prototypes are tested and approved by the people of Cannes who imagine a 100% Côte d’Azur collection with Saint-Tropez, Nice, Cannes and Menton as inspiration. The jerseys were marketed in May, just before the summer. They are labeled Oeko Tex (absence of harmful and dangerous products for the environment), an eco-responsible approach that was close to their hearts, nature lovers and aware of its protection. For a two-piece swimsuit, count a hundred euros, the complexity of the fabric does not allow for the moment to make one-piece models. At the same time, the couple launched a range of sarongs, produced with the ESAT des Oliviers de Vence, in a clear desire for inclusion applied to the brand.

The recipe works: in three months, Bikunu is already on its third production. Only sold online for now, the jerseys are selling worldwide, « As far as Finland, Germany, and even Polynesia. But 95% of our sales are made in France », underlines the co-founder. Commercial deployment will now be the priority for the couple, who are planning a hiring plan and a three-year development plan to find points of sale and expand the range to all outdoor clothing, hiking or cycling, with dedicated clothing. which will follow the same principle as swimsuits: protection without tan marks. “We are moving towards a sport orientation, because it is in our DNA”. To carry out this express business plan, fundraising is planned for September.

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