Biggest transfer in the history of CF Montreal

CF Montreal sporting director Olivier Renard confirmed on Thursday morning that the transfer of Djordje Mihailovic was the biggest in the club’s history.

On Wednesday, we learned that the 23-year-old American midfielder had been sold to Dutch club AZ Alkmaar where he would play from next January.

Renard would not confirm the amount of the transaction which is believed to be more or 6 million US dollars.

“There are two clubs involved. In MLS, there is transparency, but they [AZ Alkmaar] on their side do not want to bring out the figures. What I can tell you is in the areas mentioned. There is indeed a percentage that will come back to us if he were to be sold to another club.


Mihailovic admits having had a rather special day on Wednesday.

“It was a bittersweet day because I learned that my grandmother passed away. I spent a beautiful morning, then my father called me to tell me the news,” he said.

As luck sometimes does things well, CF Montreal faces the Fire in Chicago on Saturday. Mihailovic grew up in the suburbs of metropolitan Illinois and began his career with the Fire.

« It’s a nice coincidence that the next one is home and I can see my family. »

At a good place

Olivier Renard did not deny that he has received interest from many clubs for the man who has hatched since his arrival in Montreal last year.

“There are clubs that could have gone higher, I haven’t always spoken to Djordje about it. There were weird championships where I did not see Djordje playing.

The Montreal sporting director also noted that the Dutch club displayed the best dispositions.

“We had been in contact for several times with AZ Alkmaar, they came here for several days. The first option was to take Djordje right now, but I didn’t want that. »


The main interested party believes that he has chosen the right place for the rest of his career.

“AZ has a history of developing young players to bring them to the next new one. I spoke with the sporting director, they have a similar philosophy to that of CF Montreal. I walked around the stadium and the training center and I felt good there.

And Mihailovic relied on those around him to make the best decision possible.

“I spoke to a lot of people in order to identify which club would suit me best. AZ was clear and I think Dutch football suits me well. My father played a role in the decision.

Good provisions

Olivier Renard does not hide it, he tried to achieve the best possible transaction for all parties involved.

“I tried to make everyone happy in this deal. The owner, the coach keeping the player until the end of the season, as well as the locker room group, the media and the fans.

And he is also happy to have been able to retain the services of Mihailovic until the end of the season before he takes the road to Europe.

“It was important for Djordje to stay. There, he might have played ten minutes here and there in the first games.

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