Big turnaround for Goran Dragic?!

Subject of many rumors on the edge of the trade deadline, Goran Dragic was finally sent to Spurs. His destiny on the spot already seemed all mapped out, before a famous insider came to call it all into question with a shock update!

Some, like a Tyrese Haliburton disappointed to leave Sacramento, have particularly badly received their transfer. Others, conversely, hoped at all costs for a departure to be able to relaunch elsewhere than in their franchise. Goran Dragic undoubtedly falls into this second category, he who was starting to make old bones on the side of Toronto.

Removed from Nick Nurse’s rotation in October, the Slovenian leader had been waiting for months for a rival team to come and extricate him from his situation. He had to wait until the last hours before the trade deadline to see his wish granted, with a deal concluded by its leaders to send it to Spurs. However, it did not take long to realize that he would not last forever in San Antonio.

The Goran Dragic track abandoned by the Mavericks?

Given the presence of Dejounte Murray in his new team, Dragic should be destined for a buyout, which will release him from his last months of contract. He will then be free to engage wherever he wants. But while the Mavericks have been the favorites for months to recover it in this case, things could have changed according to Marc Stein!

Mavericks GM Nico Harrison says he considers his roster « fixed, » suggesting he shouldn’t be looking for additional recruits in the buyout market.

Dallas’ roster needs changed after the trades and altered long-held expectations that the franchise would try to sign Goran Dragic in the buyout market. As I’ve said before, Dragic’s expected buyout may not come soon, and the point guard is likely to receive interest from teams that offer him a bigger role.

The 100% Slovenian meeting that was looming between Dragic and Luka Doncic could therefore ultimately not take place. Harrison and his assistants have indeed little interest in attracting the Dragon, under penalty of causing a big traffic jam at the level of the backcourt. The recent arrival of Spencer Dinwiddie, just like the explosion of Jalen Brunson this season will therefore have been right for this plan!

The Mavs a priori out of the race to sign Goran Dragic, many franchises should rush on him once his buyout is concluded with the Spurs!

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