Big tensions at Jazz, Donovan Mitchell involved!

Big tensions at Jazz, Donovan Mitchell involved!

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Dominated in this first round of the playoffs by the Mavericks, minus Luka Doncic, the Jazz is clearly not in a favorable position to qualify. What annoy several players in the workforce, like this sequence on the bench, which occurred in Game 3. Be careful not to crack.

It is not currently joy for the Jazz, which may be playing the future of its workforce in the next games. An early exit in the first round of the playoffs, and the time will undoubtedly come to break this roster, with major trades for example. A Rudy Gobert could pack his bags, but we’re not there yet.

For now, and even if Utah is dominated, this series is not lost. The problems ? The outside defense, unable to stop Dallas three-pointers, like Donovan Mitchell, completely on the street. The other ? The upcoming return of Luka Doncic, who feels better and better.

It gets annoying on the Jazz bench!

Knowing that Quin Snyder’s men are already down 1-2 in this series, we can fear the worst for the future. Some players know it, like Danuel House, particularly annoyed on his bench during a time-out this Thursday evening, during Game 3. Donovan Mitchell was in the corner, trying to calm everyone down a bit, but that says it all. long.

At least this team knows that it is imperative to improve their external defense to try to win games. Otherwise, Mitchell will be the first target of this rout:

The Jazz allowed 121 three-point shot attempts against the Mavs. 109 were open, more than half (62) were completely open.

A better defense, more involvement on the floor, and the Jazz can hope to reverse this series against the Mavericks. But if the players start to crack, no need to bet on a turnaround against the Texans: Rudy Gobert and company are warned.

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