Big surprise in the Damian Lillard soap opera? « A lot of teams try to… »


It will be necessary to be patient to know the outcome of the series Damian Lillard. Everything suggests that he will end up at the Heat, but a surprise cannot be ruled out either. According to the latest rumors, we could also have a rather surprising trade with other franchises.

Just like James Harden, the trade of Damian Lillard shouldn’t see the light of day for quite some time. Negotiations are taking place between the Heat and the Blazers, but we have to believe that no one wants to give in at the moment. Miami’s Tyler Herro-centric counterpart is too weak for Portland’s liking. Everything could change by training camp in September.

Massive trade in sight for Damian Lillard?

The advantage for the Oregon franchise is that it can afford to temporize with a Lillard under contract for years. If the Heat want to win this title, however, it will be better to find a solution before the first game of the regular season. One thing is certain: this exchange should not be limited to two organizations. People want to invite themselves to the party.

“There are a lot of franchises that want to join the Damian Lillard deal. They try to be involved in one way or another. Many teams wanted to find out about the subject. »

These teams do not want to take the place of the Heat obviously, but rather take advantage of this exchange to recover assets. If Portland really does not want Herro, note that it will necessarily take another franchise, or even two to complete this trade.

We could therefore move towards a massive move, involving other franchises eager to make a good deal. The problem with this scenario is that it may significantly delay the outcome of this trade. More teams involved means more people to satisfy…

Portland will try to get as many second rounds as possible

We understand better why Damian Lillard’s trade is so long. Many franchises want to be in it, but it only delays the deadline, although the Blazers want to take advantage of it to have the most assets. You will have to be patient.


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