Big step for Natalia Bryant, Vanessa reacts strongly!

Natalia Bryant is becoming a real young woman in recent months. After signing her first professional contract, the eldest of the family also had a big step in her life! Vanesa reacted with barely concealed pride, and we can fully understand her happiness!

Little by little, the Bryant family found a more or less normal life… After the sublime induction into the Hall of Fame in Kobe, where the speech of his wife Vanessa served as the ultimate tribute, it is officially time to open a new chapter. The eldest Natalia has already started her new life for some time, since she has signed a magnificent contract in a most prestigious company !

Moreover, at the end of the school year, she has just taken a very important step in her career as a young woman: she has officially validated her high school diploma! Obviously, Vanessa Bryant was all set to celebrate and she showed all her pride on her Instagram account.

Yes! Congratulations Natalia !!!!!!!!

On the traditional hat of American students, Natalia Bryant proudly displayed the colors of her future university: USC, the favorite school of her late dad ! In any case, this success was worth a nice little party, and there were a lot of people… After having recovered her diploma, the eldest of the family was able to share a good time with singer Ciara and NFL superstar Russell Wilson, as well. than Rob Pelinka, the GM of the Lakers!

Vanessa Bryant can be proud, her eldest daughter is making a success of her passage to adulthood in a very beautiful way! Next step is university, and podiums around the world!

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