Big reinforcement in sight for Luka Doncic in Dallas?

After a loss against the Warriors in the last playoffs, the ambition has not really changed at the Mavericks. The franchise wants to take a step in the West, but it will take reinforcements for that. Christian Wood landed in the racket, while a point guard returns insistently to come to Texas. However, his case looks more complicated.

The Mavericks are to be watched closely for the coming seasons in the West, with an interesting workforce. Christian Wood has arrived to fill the racket, while Spencer Dinwiddie should take the lead after the departure of Jalen Brunson. The latter had been invaluable in Dallas in recent years, so one can wonder if his absence will leave traces. Luka Doncic is warned: he will be expected at the turn.

The Slovenian is on fire, and not just a little with his new physical form. He made the effort to lose a little weight in order to optimize his performance, enough to ignite some fans saw his latest prowess on a parquet. We can have hope in Dallas, although another big name to boost this roster would not be too much. A player who comes back often? Collin Sexton, who is expected to leave the Cavaliers soon.

Another point guard for the Mavericks?

Injured for the vast majority of last season, Collin Sexton still wanted a big contract this summer. The knights ? Not interested, especially since no one wants to sign the leader. That’s why the latter is still on the market as a restricted free agent, without knowing where he will play next season. Cleveland really wants to keep it, but not against any price. According to journalist Chris Fedor, it is a sign-and-trade that could take place.

The Cavaliers have been in talks with the Mavericks about a sign-and-trade for Collin Sexton. But if we talk about such a maneuver, we have to get something interesting in return. But the Jazz, or the Mavericks, don’t have any assets that the Cavs may be interested in in exchange for Sexton.

No, Dallas doesn’t have much to trade. The franchise is very active in the market to allow Doncic to dream of a ring, but there is nothing more in store to convince the Cavaliers to trade Sexton. Don’t count on the Ohio team to make a simple giveaway like that, which means the Mavs will probably have to look elsewhere.

The Mavericks may have found Jalen Brunson’s replacement in Collin Sexton, but the assets are sorely lacking in Texas. We will have to tinker with the current roster, and hope for satisfactory performances next season. It is not won yet, far from it.

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