Big news falls on Zion Williamson!

On the sidelines for many months and walled in silence, Zion Williamson has just received big news about the end of the year which is shaping up for him. The end of the tunnel ?

Like their disastrous record of 2 wins for 13 losses, the Pelicans have missed everything or almost since the summer. Between the non-replaced departures of Lonzo Ball and Eric Bledsoe and the communication fiasco around Zion Williamson, the failures were legion for the GM David Griffin and his executives. NOLA fans were indeed expecting the former Dukie to start the season… but the reality was quite different.

Injured then appeared overweight, the number 1 of the 2019 Draft has caused a lot of concern in recent weeks, especially about his physical form and his lifestyle. Fortunately, a little breath of fresh air occurred this Tuesday evening, since it constitutes the first positive update for a long time concerning the star.

Finally good news for Zion Williamson!

The Pelicans announce that Zion Williamson has been cleared to return to contact training, starting with a 1-on-1.

His next update will be on November 24, and will determine if he can join group training again.

In a short week, therefore, Zion could find his teammates in collective sessions, the final step before a return to the floors that we imagine cautious and conditioned to a restriction of minutes during the first matches.

Anyway, this Pelicans press release finally reverses the trend of permanent postponements on Williamson’s state of health. The former Blue Devil is getting better, we imagine he is also starting to get back in shape physically, and Pelicans fans are begging the sky to see him come back even better, healed of his worries and ever more dominant.

This is the only hope for the Louisiana fanbase in a season that has left to be placed under the sign of tanking. The goal set by David Griffin, who loses his temper in the doldrums, was yet to reach the playoffs in the spring. Barring a miracle, it is (again) a failure, while Zion will already complete his 3rd season in New Orleans…

Zion Williamson is finally getting closer to the comeback, although it should be kept cautious at this point. See you on November 24 for, we hope, the confirmation of this very good news!

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