Big move in sight for the Lakers before the recovery?!

Now that Kevin Durant has decided to stay with the Nets, the other franchises can move forward before the takeover. The Lakers struck from the start with the arrival of Patrick Beverley, but this is not the only movement planned in the City of Angels. You have to believe that Rob Pelinka is not satisfied, especially since he still has a few assets to trade.

For the Lakers, there is no question of reliving such a fiasco after this 2021/22 campaign, which ended without a single place in the postseason. Players obviously want to bounce back, even if the front office is still looking to make some improvements. Patrick Beverley arrived this week (full trade here), he who will mainly bring defense and an ability to get in a few shots, a bit like Alex Caruso in the past.

The action will continue at the Lakers!

But should we be satisfied with such a move at the Angelinos? Is the franchise really fit to win a title with this roster? There are many doubts among the fans, just like Rob Pelinka for that matter. Johan Buva, journalist for The Athletic, has just given an update on the movements to come in the City of Angels. After this first exchange involving Beverley, he confirms that the Purple and Gold have not finished.

No matter what happens in the next few weeks, this isn’t the Lakers’ final roster. Other moves will still happen at some point. They’re unlikely to make another trade anytime soon, but the franchise continues to explore various ways to improve that roster ahead of training camp, sources say.

Another trade gaining momentum? The one with the Pacers, which could recover Buddy Hield and Myles Turner. A way to bring depth to this workforce, but will Indiana be satisfied with Westbrook and a few draft rounds to give up its two elements? Let’s say it’s unlikely. Whatever, Pelinka has planned at least one other arrival before the resumption, it remains to be seen which one.

What is almost certain is that Russell Westbrook shouldn’t stay. Buha confirms that the point guard should be traded, especially with Beverley coming to take his place:

“The Lakers continue to pursue trades involving Westbrook and other options to improve the roster ahead of training camp. »

You understood, Patrick Beverley is not the end point at the Lakers, far from it. It’s a first move to help, but Rob Pelinka has still planned some changes to allow dreaming of the title. But to date, it is impossible to know which ones.

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