‘Big mistake by Pochettino to take Messi out’ says Rothen

PSG: leaving Messi, « it is a serious mistake of Pochettino » according to Rothen

In « Rothen ignites » this Monday on RMC, Jérôme Rothen estimated that Mauricio Pochettino made « a serious mistake » by leaving Lionel Messi in the 76th minute of PSG-OL on Sunday night.

« It’s a big mistake from Pochettino, explained the former French international. If it is to mark his territory, he is completely crazy. Because he is going to alienate his best player. He should have left him. on the pitch. He’s never done that with Neymar and Mbappé. « 

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Lens will sanction its supporters and file a complaint against those of Lille

In a statement, the Lens club « takes note » of the decisions of the disciplinary committee after the incidents against Lille on Saturday at Bollaert. The RCL is also announcing sanctions against its own supporters who participated in the incidents. And will file a complaint against those of the LOSC « who have made themselves the authors of unspeakable acts and behavior ».

« The Racing Club de Lens takes note of the drastic measures taken during the disciplinary committee organized today, namely the total closed door of the Bollaert-Delelis stadium as a precaution until the delivery of the final decision. Racing takes the full measure of this decision and notes that beyond the fervor of his den, central component of his identity, he sees himself thereby amputated of significant economic resources linked to the absence of supporters and partners for the next two The Racing Club de Lens will meet on Wednesday the representatives of the supporters’ groups concerned by the current identification procedures. The club will present to them the appropriate sanctions retained for each type of reprehensible behavior and in particular for those who have overstepped their role on Saturday , by attempting to replace the authorities in order to restore order following the scenes of chaos observed in the visitor parking lot. will obviously file a complaint against opposing supporters who have committed unspeakable gestures and behavior. « 

PSG: Messi, an exit as a precaution

For his first match at the Parc des Princes under the Parisian colors, Lionel Messi did not hide his incomprehension when he left the field this Sunday evening, in the 76th minute of PSG-OL. Just before being substituted, the Argentinian touched his knees on the pitch. Mauricio Pochettino and his staff asked him if everything was fine. Lionel Messi nodded reassuringly. But the PSG coach nevertheless took the decision to get him out, as a precaution. As the star comes off the pitch, Mauricio Pochettino asked him how he was feeling. Lionel Messi expressed his incomprehension. Not happy, he renewed his incomprehension by meeting a steward. He then traded with Leandro Paredes and Rafinha on the bench, showing them his knee. Lionel Messi wanted to stay on the pitch. His entourage explains that he will never be happy to go out, which has hardly happened to him during his career.

According to L’Equipe, he is in care on Monday after taking a crutch above a knee.

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« We are seeing a very worrying sequence », deplores the chairman of the disciplinary committee

Contacted by RMC Sport, the chairman of the disciplinary committee of the LFP, Sébastien Deneux, justifies the investigation of the Lens-Lille case:

« In keeping with the seriousness of these excesses and incidents, we must both take the first measures quickly, and the time of these two weeks of instruction. Especially to fully assess the responsibilities of each. We are an authority. disciplinary, which must shed light to judge in the fairest way. Like all of them, we have observed a very worrying sequence. Four incidents since the resumption in Ligue 1 involving groups of supporters while we are at D6, it is obviously too much. « 


The disciplinary committee of the LFP sanctions Lens and Lille

Meeting this Monday to study the incidents at Lens-Lille, the disciplinary committee of the LFP has put the case under investigation, and will render its final decisions on October 6.

By then, Lens will have to play its next two home games behind closed doors (against Strasbourg on September 22 and Reims on October 1), and the LOSC visitor parking lot will also be closed during its next trip to Strasbourg on September 25.

RC Lens very angry with supporters who lied about the controversial tifo

After the incidents that occurred on Saturday during Lens-Lille (1-0), the disciplinary committee of the LFP meets on Monday for the first decisions on this derby. A meeting for which the Lensois leaders prepared their arguments. In particular by emphasizing the fact that they had not validated the insulting tifo.

>> Info on the controversial tifo at the heart of the incidents

Thus, the « Lillois Merda » tifo was not the one originally proposed by the supporters of the Marek stand. The message was « Go Lens » and was therefore changed by the supporters without the club being made aware. From a source close to the club, the leaders of the Lensois club have the feeling that confidence has been broken.

The RC Lens position is firm after the incidents. The club is currently carrying out meticulous identification work using video surveillance. This time of identification precedes the time of sanctions which will be absolutely firm.

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Violence in the stadiums: a deputy criticizes the « laxity » of the LFP

Sacha Houlié, LREM deputy from Vienne, is the author of a parliamentary report on supporterism. Guest of Apolline Matin, this Monday on RMC a few hours from the emergency meeting of the disciplinary committee about the incidents during the Lens-Lille derby, he returned to the problems of violence in the stadiums of Ligue 1. For him, in addition to failing infrastructure (absence of nets in Nice, lack of stewards …), the LFP is not severe enough with regard to the clubs where the overflows take place. « The disciplinary commission is an independent commission. There is a form of delegation of justice on the sporting point of view. » Houlié did not understand « the recent decisions, mainly on Nice-Marseille where the Niçois fared well while it was they who put an end to a match during which they themselves had caused the violence. » And to continue: « This laxity is at the origin of the reproduction of certain facts. If you had a loss on green carpet of this match, there would certainly be supporters who would think more. »

Sacha Houlié, deputy for Vienne, guest of Apolline Matin
Sacha Houlié, deputy for Vienne, guest of Apolline Matin © RMC

Four arrests, six light injuries, degraded seats … the toll of overflows

When the ground was invaded, ultras launched projectiles and damaged seats in Bollaert. A source from the prefecture indicates that the toll of these overflows is six minor injuries. Arrests also took place. We explain everything below.

A decisive Monday after the excesses at Lens-Lille

After the incidents that occurred during Lens-Lille on Saturday (1-0), the disciplinary committee must meet this Monday, from 12 noon. During this meeting, it is likely that the case will be placed under investigation. Sanctions as a precaution could however already be pronounced because of the 7th day of Ligue 1 during the week. Lille will host Reims on Wednesday while Lens will host Strasbourg.

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