Big inevitable loss for the Warriors this summer?

Even before starting their first round playoff series against the Nuggets, the Warriors could already be forced to consider the offseason. Indeed, a recent declaration linked to a future free agent of the franchise could alert the leaders!

Will they be able to present their Big Three for the start of the playoffs, or will they have to wait a few more days before recovering? Steph Curry ? That’s the question on the minds of the Warriors and their fans right now. While their first round of the playoffs against the Nuggets will begin this Saturday, time is running out for the Chef to make his comeback.

Anyway, the Californian leaders will approach the offseason with peace of mind regarding their three stars. Under contract for several years, each will wear, barring an unlikely turnaround, the Golden State jersey next year. On the other hand, other important elements of the roster, like Gary Payton II, could for their part change air, and leave a big void behind them.

Gary Payton II too valuable for the Warriors?

In a recent interview for Heavy.comGPII’s father, Gary Payton, hinted that the guard could leave the Bay in a few weeks.

I will never tell my son not to explore a path that would be better or more advantageous for him. I think he understands that Golden State is the best situation for him if he has playing time and if they give him what he deserves. But if they don’t, he knows it’s business and he’ll have to move on.

Connoisseur, the Dubs front office is aware of the importance taken by Payton II in recent months. A defensive pillar of the outside sector, the latter has also grown in importance on the other side of the field, with an average of 7.1 points per game this season. However, the substantial salaries of its three leaders, coupled with the upcoming extension of the rising star of the workforce, could make its extension impossible according to his famous father.

I think he wants to stay with the Golden State Warriors, and I think the Warriors want to keep him. But as you will have understood, it remains a business. They have no financial margin. They have to pay Draymond, they have to pay Curry, they have to pay Klay, and now they’re going to have to give (Jordan) Poole a lot of money. So I don’t know if they will be able to find a solution.

Our agent will give him the best advice and do what he has to do. But I don’t think my son is a moron. Because at the end of the day, he’s still my son.

Holder at best of a minimum wage since his debut in the league, Payton II will therefore certainly seek an upgrade this summer, which his superiors may not necessarily offer him.

Having become indispensable this season to the Warriors, Gary Payton will find himself at a turning point in his career this summer. Finally a candidate for a contract above the minimum, he could therefore put an end to his adventure with the Warriors, possibly unable to keep him.

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