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He was the flagship rookie in Chelsea’s transfer window. Italian champion with Inter Milan last year and top scorer for his team, Romelu Lukaku left Italy to return to England for the Blues for a check of 115 million euros. Already passed by Stamford Bridge in the past, the Belgian international found the club which had revealed him to England. After a good start to the season and four goals in 11 matches in all competitions, the former Mancunian suffered a first hard blow with an ankle injury against Malmö in the Champions League on November 2.

Coming back?

Since then, the colossus continues his recovery process and even shows his satisfaction at the approach of a return on social networks: « Being on the sidelines in recent weeks … I realize how much it is It’s fun to train and compete against other teams! But soon « , he said, enough to give a smile to his trainer Thomas Tuchel. His return is only a matter of time, according to the Daily Mail, and if he doesn’t come against Leicester this weekend in the Premier League, it will happen for one of two shocks the following week. : Juventus on Tuesday in the Champions League, or against Manchester United next Sunday in the league. Whatever happens, he will be expected around the corner.

to summarize

Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku sees his return to the pitch getting closer. He had been absent since early November and suffered an injury against Malmö. His return is expected for the next few days against Leicester or Juventus.

Antoine Chirat

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