Big fight on the sidelines of Kings-Lakers, the viral images!

Hooked into its final minutes, the meeting between the Lakers and Kings offered a spectacle that the spectators of the Golden 1 Center could appreciate. However, the money-time of the game was the scene of a violent settling of scores in the stands!

Some will regret this lack of atmosphere and folklore around NBA games, preferring the atmosphere of big European shocks. Others are delighted on the contrary not to see there wild supporters, and to be able only to concentrate on the play. Anyway, the differences of climate between the European and American derbies remain immense nowadays.

This could still be verified during most of the meeting between the Lakers and the Kings on Wednesday. In a very partially filled Golden 1 Center, the audience played a minor role for a very long time. It must be said that the Sacramento players did not really ignite them in the 1st period, they who joined the locker room with 6 points behind (61-76). However, they were able to wake them up in the two quarters that followed.

The buzz video of a fight during the Lakers-Kings

Unrecognizable early in the second half, De’Aaron Fox and his teammates handed their California rivals a 24-3 run to regain the lead. Heckled in the clutch, they nevertheless managed to hold on, and secure their 17th victory of the season (summary here). However, some spectators were obviously not delighted in front of this spectacle, and preferred to exchange punches in front of the eyes of the surrounding crowd!

Impossible to know which team the two men supported, nor even if the woman having intervened with some hooks of the left had any relation with one of them. Anyway, all these little people ended up being separated, without security seeming to be greatly affected by this incident. By discovering the images, the journalist of The Ringer Kevin O’Connor has for his part found a clue of explanation!

It’s just a conversation about Russ

The tension was not only present on the floor during the Lakers-Kings game, but also in the stands. Fortunately, no one seemed to come out of this strange streak with major injuries!

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