Big decision made at the Lakers for the future, fans absolutely disgusted!


A few days before the start of the regular season, the Lakers made a move that was surprising to say the least. Even before knowing the outcome of the campaign, the leaders have extended the contract of Rob Pelinka, who nevertheless comes out of a catastrophic exercise with his decisions. In the comments, it is total incomprehension for the supporters.

It is not yet known how the Lakers will perform this season, but pessimism reigns among fans. The presence of Russell Westbrook gene still as much, moreover, the 3 defeats in pre-season certainly did not reassure. It is in this context that the Angelinos have just made a rather surprising decision. Yahoo Sports insider Chris Haynes reports that the franchise has decided to extend GM Rob Pelinka.

New extension at the Lakers!

The Los Angeles Lakers and Rob Pelinka – vice president of basketball operations – have reached an agreement for a contract extension until 2026.

At the Pourpre et Or, Pelinka is in charge of building the roster, since he has the last word on all decisions. It was therefore he who brought Westbrook back last year as well as the veterans, for the result that we know today. Extend it after such a fiasco? A real surprise, especially since Frank Vogel was fired. In the comments, no one understands such a choice.

An extension is a risky choice seeing what the roster looks like

The coach of this same team, who did not trade to recover Russell Westbrook, was fired and discovered it on Twitter.

Rob Pelinka is potentially the worst general manager in the NBA and the Lakers said « we want more. » A very irresponsible franchise.

Extending Rob Pelinka after the 2020 title would have been nothing shocking. After last year’s fiasco and a rather lackluster summer? The timing is surprising, especially since Frank Vogel did not have a gift. For the good of the franchise and Jeanie Buss, the results better be there this season…


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