Big controversy, a star supports Anthony Edwards and his homophobic remarks!


The NBA has finally spoken out on the Anthony Edwards scandal by ordering the Timberwolves player to pay a fine. A decision that does not please everyone in the league, since a star has decided to publicly support Rudy Gobert’s teammate…

The NBA wants to be a progressive league, which advocates values ​​of inclusion and sharing, but recent weeks have not reflected this spirit. It all started with the Robert Sarver scandal, owner of the Suns, found guilty of misogyny and racism within his organization. He received the heaviest sentence of all time, but it was not enough for Chris Paul for example, who would have preferred an outright exclusion from his boss.

But that’s not all, since Anthony Edwards then filmed himself uttering homophobic insults, which earned him a fine of « only » 40,000 dollars, and above all a big soap from legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Unfortunately, not everyone in the NBA microcosm shares the Hall of Famer’s opinion, the proof with this controversial reaction from Aaron Gordon…

Aaron Gordon publicly supports Anthony Edwards!

Aaron Gordon’s reaction speaks for itself, he does not agree with the decision taken by the NBA to sanction Anthony Edwards, for remarks that he should not consider so scandalous as that. Obviously his message was quickly deleted following the negative reactions of Internet users, but nothing is lost on social networks, and some Reddit users have had time to comment on this new homophobic scandal:

Players yesterday: Robert Sarver should be banned for racism. The Players Today: Free Anthony Edwards.

NBA players when they can’t be openly homophobic: ☹️

Obviously, Anthony Edwards did not shock all his colleagues with his shameful remarks, since some do not understand how he could be sanctioned by the NBA. There is still progress to be made in the league to educate players on this issue.


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