Big change to come for the players, a star reacts!

The basketball players may blow us away every night on the floors, it’s behind the scenes that the biggest changes are happening for them. The latest one is of major importance, since it concerns the players’ union! A star of the Western Conference has also taken a position on the subject.

A vital organization for any NBA player, the NBPA is currently facing major upheavals. Indeed, after seven years at the helm, Michele Roberts has decided to step down from his post. He therefore needed someone to succeed him, which is now done. It is Adrian Wojnarowski who made the revelation:

Tamika Tremaglio, a lawyer for Deloitte, has been chosen as the new executive director of the National Association of Basketball Players, sources told ESPN. She will replace Michele Roberts, who is retiring.

Former player Malik Rose was tipped for the job, but it was ultimately the lawyer who was elected to represent the league’s athletes. Present in the organization chart for several years, she had participated in the negotiations of the CBA of the women’s championship in 2019. She therefore has the advantage of knowing the house and the challenges that are offered to her.

The good news is that the announcement seems to have been taken very well by the NBA players. CJ McCollum, flagship member of the association’s executive committee, notably addressed the subject in a very large press release. According to the words of the Blazer, there could not have been a better choice!

Tamika has been with us for several years, she advises us on the best practices and policies to be employed to make our organization a business that flourishes. Tamika’s experience in collective bargaining, personnel management, income generation, wealth preservation and culture building will put our players in the perfect conditions for success.

NBA players have a new face to represent them, and Tamika Tremaglio will now have the daunting task of accomplishing this mission. Given his experience, however, this should be in the order of the possible!

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