Big change in sight for Klay Thompson!

In full rise for a few weeks with the Warriors, Klay Thompson continues to reassure about his state of health. Ideal for his team, which also has a string of victories. On this subject, Steve Kerr has just provided great news about the star.

8 wins in a row is the excellent record of the Warriors in recent weeks. Steph Curry’s teammates continue to delight their fans, with a nice success in Oklahoma on Monday, despite a bad time for the Chief. The most important is there, with Klay Thompson at 21 points, and a notable change in the lot.

Increase in minutes for Klay Thompson

Long confined to a reduced role, the Splash Brother confirms that it is doing better and better. After having shot at 20 minutes on average, Klay flirts more and more often with 25 minutes. A sign that Steve Kerr is ready to relaunch it completely? Yes depending on the person concerned.

Klay Thompson could play 30 minutes against OKC, according to Steve Kerr.

Thompson played exactly 29 minutes against OKC, his biggest total since returning to the court. A sign that he is getting better and better physically, and that he is ready to keep up with the NBA schedule. The medical staff will want to wait a little longer, but we imagine that they will soon be at 100%, shortly after the All-Star Game for example.

To all this we can add the victories of the Dubs, who are full of confidence. Happiness is total in Golden State right now, and fans can’t wait to find out what’s next:

In great shape, Klay Thompson continues to burst the screen with the Warriors. His minutes increase, while his team continues to win: an ideal period, just before a well-deserved break.

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