Big boost for the Lakers, finally lucky!

Not on the court this Wednesday evening, the Lakers carefully followed the Spurs game, now ahead of them in the Western Conference. Gregg Popovich’s men just lost, returning 10th place to the Angelinos. And yet, the victory was really not far away.

Between the Spurs and the Lakers, it’s a real battle to keep this 10th place in the West, and thus win a ticket for the play-in. A few hours ago, it was the Texas franchise that had this good, but it has just lost it after a defeat against the team in form of the moment: the Grizzlies.

Memphis, even without Ja Morant, is a big team with an 18-2 record. She can rejoice to have taken another away victory, with a score of 112-111. Yes, it was very tight between the two teams, and it was played on a final possession, which could have given the advantage to San Antonio.

Spurs just one step away from victory!

On a throw-in 5 seconds from the end, the Spurs have possession to pass, with only one point behind. Keldon Johnson cuts inside to recover the swell and immediately attempts a layup, following a fine play from the coach. Unfortunately, for a few centimeters, the ball does not fit.

It’s cruel for the Spurs, but it’s not the Lakers who will complain. With this defeat, the California franchise recovers 10th place in the West. However, she could lose it again on Thursday evening, when she crosses paths with Rudy Gobert’s Jazz, and without LeBron James. It’s far from over:

The Lakers can smile, the Spurs lost their game against the Grizzlies, and for not much. A result that helps the Angelinos, even if the road is still long to validate this 10th place in the West. The suspense remains present.

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