Big blow for the Lakers on the trade market?

Before the resumption of the season, with the training camp, the Lakers hope to make another trade, just to refine the current roster. But the negotiations with the Pacers are at a standstill, just like those with the Jazz according to the latest echoes. ESPN just gave an update on Danny Ainge, and let’s just say it’s not famous.

Now that Patrick Beverley has arrived, the Lakers are expecting a newcomer from the side of the City of Angels. The talks have been concluded with the Jazz, suggesting that Danny Ainge and Rob Pelinka will still meet in the coming weeks for another exchange. It must be said that it is a real exodus in this roster, with players like Bojan Bogdanovic, Jordan Clarkson or Mike Conley who are available.

The Lakers snubbed by the Jazz?

Will the Angelinos be able to negotiate another deal? Not necessarily, no. Ainge remains very greedy in the talks, to the point of asking for a first round draft for each player, which does not please anyone in the market. Ramona Shelburne, journalist for ESPN, confirms that a trade could take time, at least if nobody wants to meet the opposing demands.

The general idea in the league is that the Jazz are seeking at least a first-round draft pick against Bogdanovic, Conley and Clarkson. They are really in no rush to make a decision.

The Jazz is ready to play the clock, or even keep the players cited to force the hand of the Lakers or other franchises. After all, Utah won’t play anything next year, which isn’t the case for everyone. Ainge knows he’s in a strong position, and count on him to take advantage of it.

However, as confirmed by Eric Pincus on his twitter account, the Pourpre et Or are not ready to make the necessary efforts:

The Lakers are open to trading a first round, but for players who are worth it. They don’t think a Jazz player deserves to drop a first round.

Discussions are not over between the Lakers and the Jazz, but it is clear that an agreement is still a long way off. The positions are distant between the two teams, which means that Rob Pelinka will have to prepare a plan B, even C. Not a good omen for the future.

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